IPhone Movie Making Essentials Part2: Filming

The essential elements of iphone Movie Making Part2: Filming Filmic Pro

The basic camera installed in the iPhone and the software that controls it are pretty good. All the camera controls are automatic so, exposure, white balance and sound levels are all set to what the software thinks is the optimum.

To get more control over theses settings you need to download an app like Filmic Pro, the quality of the video recording can be then be selected, the best quality High Definition for editing, or something much smaller if you just want to email a short clip to someone. Exposure can be controlled by selecting and area of the screen by touching it, the app will the try and optimise that area.

White balance can be set for inside under artificial light our outside in daylight, focus can be set by touching the area of screen you want to be in focus. This level of control over the camera settings are what can enable you to get much more polished and professional looking results.

The Filmic Pro app has one final bit of the professional film making art, it's possible possible to plug a set of headphones into the socket on the iRig Microphone adapter and monitor the sound levels live as you are filming.

This for me corrects one of the major short comings of the basic camera set up. No professional film crew would ever record sound without someone carefully listening to what is being recorder. This feature alone in my opinion is worth the purchase price. 

Bob Walters

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