iPhone Movie Making Essentials Part3: Editing with iMovie

The process of editing is taking the best bits of each shot and assembling then together in the best order to tell the story. This is not often in the order that they were shot, so re-ordering the shots on the timeline is essential.

This process is very simple open up iMovie imovie logo crop small.jpg and click on tap to start crop small.jpg and you have a choice select movie or trailer crop.jpg select Movie. All the clips you've shot come up, yellow handles crop.jpg click one and it highlight in yellow and you have three choices, 3 symbols crop.jpgthe downward facing arrow down arrow.jpginserts the clip in the time line. play.jpg The right facing arrow plays the whole clip, 3 dots.jpg clicking on the three dots brings up another selection  5 Symbols crop larger.jpg of five choices 3 dots.jpg the three dots takes you back waveform.jpg the waveform symbol inserts the clip sound only insert pic.jpg the two rectangles insets the clip picture only PinP.jpg the small rectangle and the large rectangle inserts the picture in picture and side by side.jpg the two upright rectangles inserts the picture side by side

This range of tools give you great creative freedom and choices over editing. The sound from a shot can be laid under a sequence of other shots or still pictures by using the waveform symbol.

When you interview someone listen carefully to what that person says and think about extra shots or cutaways of what they are talking about. These can then be dropped in seamlessly as they speak by using the double rectangle tool, the sound is muted and only the sound from the interview is heard. 

These are some of the tools available in professional editing packages and is a very powerful communications tool.

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